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I'll bring your voice projects to life!
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seriously silly!

It all began...
Though all of the ridiculousness probably began before birth, things really started getting strange when I got my hands on a small, battery powered reel-to-reel tape recorder at about age five, and then received a cassette recorder a few years later. I voiced my first professional character project in 1991, playing the part of an animated whale for a series of TV spots. Since then I have performed as numerous characters, often times playing multiple character roles within the same project.

In a NUTshell... I love meeting a voice challenge!
My professional project work has included over 100 distinct characters. I have a lot of experience adapting voices to fit concepts, caricatures, etc. Consequently, I have been called on many times to play multiple

roles within the same project, and I'm a great mimic upon hearing another voice. Currently, my fine tuned "ready-out-of-the-quiver" voices number around 8 to 10, with others constantly being added.
My philosophy on character voices:
It's no accident that the word "act" is right at the heart of the word "character". If I have the appropriate character in voice form I'll use it; if I don't, I'll create it by pretending until the character becomes real and fits the project!

(see my character voice over disclaimer below!) And please visit my Bio Page for a list of projects & voices.

Some people to whom I have
given a unique voice:

forest ranger, Polish interpreter, detective, old man, old woman, Chadian pipline worker, student, teacher, German chef, Maharaja's spokesman, caveman, Elizabethan era snob, burned out hippie, know-it-all, frustrated husband, Sir Isaac Newton, humorous newscaster (X a couple dozen), a puckering candy eater, Pharaoh, beatnik, arrogant quizmaster, angry pre-teen, Cameroonian interpreter, incoherent movie star, a "bruiser" of a tough guy, social rebel, the Blue Musketeer, a stupid guy pretending to be smart (a phony, pseudo-non-intellectual ???), singer of stupid jingles, yarnspinner, Irish sportscaster...
Some animals I've given a voice to:
horse, cat, reindeer, whale, parrot; several times I was a dog (frequency in the doghouse has given me special insight)
Inanimate objects brought to life!
candy bar, chair, doormat, pencil, beer bottle, cruise ship, golf ball, spoon, sour candy, golf tee, broom, putting green, ashtray, refrigerator
voice over by Tom Tramposh
"Yes, I do consider myself at least functionally rational... and yes, I do occasionally wonder
what all of these different people are doing living down in my soul!"

email me: tomtramposhvo@gmail.com

call me: 949-677-3591