voice over by Tom Tramposh
voice over by Tom Tramposh
voice over by Tom Tramposh
voice over by Tom Tramposh
voice over by Tom Tramposh
voice over by Tom Tramposh

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voice over by Tom Tramposh voice over by Tom Tramposh
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Narration: industrial, product video, educational, science, on-hold messaging, medical voice over by Tom Tramposh


I've been blessed to be involved in such a wide variety of projects, including product, service & training videos, medical, scientific, civic, industrial, hospitality, manufacturing and many more.

These opportunities have allowed me to tap a full spectrum of voice-emotion for projects ranging from hospice care and homelessness to theme parks and motivational sales. I believe that being a narrator and/or announcer requires voice acting skill every bit as much as character voice acting. In addition to the ability to use variation in voices and voice technique, I am continually developing a wider scope of inflection and emphasis to meet my clients’ needs.

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Industrial Video Narration

Storytelling & Dramatic Narration

A bit of personal voice-over history
and an expression of gratitude:

Everyone knows "experience is the best teacher". And often times those learning experiences can be quite uncomfortable. Early in my voice career I was regularly called on to record scratch tracks and final voice tracks for video editors on a moment's notice. This usually meant walking into an edit bay in the middle of a production meeting, being handed a script I'd never seen and standing in front of a mic in the center of the room- no booth, no music stand and nowhere to run- as I was surrounded by the editors, producers and clients.

Uncomfortable at times as those situations were, I'm so very thankful and would never trade all that I've gained from them. I owe my level of focus, my ability to take direction and constructive criticism, and my drive to work until my clients are pleased to all the experiences and the people placed in my path along the way!

For the record:
My natural speaking voice is fairly mid-range. Although I spent nearly three decades living in the Los Angeles area, I am a native of America's Heartland. I do quite well tackling technical terms and taking truckloads of tough tongue-twisters to task. I strive to accommodate project needs and LOVE meeting a voice challenge!

voice narration by Tom Tramposh
Ye Olde Vintage Video Narration

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